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When will it be STM32 Nucleo-144 with STM32H743 supported

Dear all, Is there any plans to support STM32 Nucleo-144 dev. board with STM32H7 MCU, and when we can expect it? STMicroelectronics is selling this Nucleo-SMT32HJ743ZI development board (ARM Cortex M7 on 400MHz with 2MB/1MB FLASH/RAM) with the Mbed logo, but for more than half a year there has been no announcement of possible support for the development of applications in the Mbed OS WEB IDE environment/Compiler, question is why?!

This development board is essentially very similar to the old Nucleo-F767ZI development board already supported, so I do not see what's the problem to support the new Nucleo-H743 models?

I wish you all a happy new year, with best regards, Jovan Ivković

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Unfortunately there is no plan date to support this board on mbed. Community help is welcome :)

For those interested, here some hints on how to create a new platform:


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Mbed kaput?

it's like you will be eventually right about this. Fortunately, support in the Arduino IDE has emerged meanwhile...

posted by Jovan Ivković 19 Mar 2019

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