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How can i pass the buffer char variable from the main? Code problem

Hi everybody, I am using a very simple code but i am a newbie regarding programming. The code that you can see in the attached images works nice. But i would like to change the code and create the buffer char variable in the main code instead of creating it in the SamplesyncWriteandchangeall.cpp (code lines 86-88) and pass it to the other file ( SamplesyncWriteandchangeall.cpp). Summing up, i would like to move the code lines 86-88 to the main code and call it from the other file (SamplesyncWriteandchangeall.cpp). . /media/uploads/jmol/writetext.jpg /media/uploads/jmol/main.jpg

Thanks for your attention.

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posted by Andy A 08 Dec 2017

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So... in main.cpp, declare the buffer and then pass it, together with the size to the function. You need the size because buffer is a pointer, and a pointer has no idea of how much data it points to.

int main(void) {
    char buffer[50];
    int size = sprintf(buffer, "blablabla");

    write_nfc_tag(buffer, size + 1); // size+1 because sprintf() does not return the last \0 character in the count

Then in your other file:

int write_nfc_tag(char *buffer, int size) {
    // use the buffer like you'd normally use it