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What is the correct target name for the FRDM-K22F?

I am attempting to build a basic bootloader for a project running on a FRDM-K22F board. To do this I need to put a "target_overrides" line in the mbed_app.json file, but I cannot figure out the correct name of the target.

I previously did the same on a K64F board ,and the code that I used was,

"target_overrides": { "K64F": { "target.restrict_size": "0x10000" } }

This worked fine. But when I chance the target to "K22F" or "MCU_K22F512" I get an error message saying

"error: 'POST_APPLICATION_ADDR' was not declared in this scope"

My understanding is that "POST_APPLICATION_ADDR" is automatically defined when I use "target.restrict_size" in this way, which leads me to believe that the problem here is that the target name I am using for the K22f is wrong. Can anyone tell me what it should be?


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Hi, From the MBED lib its TARGET_K22F.


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The target name for the FRDM-K22F is K22F - you can see the target name on the webpage for each target located here for the K22F

The restrict_size macro is used to define the size of a bootloader as you mentioned above. Full documentation is available on the bootloader tutorial on our website.

Unfortunately, the K22F does not support bootloaders at this time. targets.json identifies if boards have bootloader support or not. Currently, we are only release the K64F, Odin, and F429ZI targets for bootloader support

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The K22F currently does not have bootloader support enabled, but it's easy to add. You just need to change the linker script to not use fixed origin and length. Then you can enable the bootloader support in targets.json.

See here for an example (this also includes FlashIAP support, but you better look at K64F implementation for that, I think it works the same on K22F).

If you have it working, please open a pull request on mbed-os, that'd be helpful for others :-)

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Will K22f bootloader support? here you may visit for getting connected with the right format.I have been useing this kind of servie for mny of my roject.

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