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Trying to use mbed-os lib on STM32F4 disco

Hello, I'm totally new on mbed. I currently try to build a program using the online compiler an mbed-os lib.

As the STM32F4 is not available in the list of available boards, I use as suggested in previous posts the seeed arch max. I created the basic blinking example and it runs correctly on my board.

Now I want to use the mbed-os lib to get access to the threading capabilities. I created a basic example and just add the the version 5.6 of mbed-os as a lib in my project: using this url:

I don't make any change in my main file but when I compile, I now get the following message: "Error: The build system did not finish successfully. -230". -230 means: Syntax error(s) in Assembly.

Great! but what is the problem?

Now I tested to import multiple examples using mbed-os lib like the tutorial ( and I always have the same error: "Error: The build system did not finish successfully. -230".

Thanks in advance for your help.

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That board is not supported by Mbed 5 - See the mbed enabled badge there.

Here is an F429 Disco board supported in Mbed 5 -

Thanks a lot for your clarification. I will look for an alternative board.

posted by Arthur Gauthier 06 Dec 2017

Arthur / Sarah -

The problem may just be that the json file in targets / targets.json for the Seeed Arch Max has not been updated to allow it to compile for version 5. All you may have to do is edit the json file to add version 5 to the "release_versions" list for the Arch Max in the json file.

Sarah: is there a fundamental reason why version 5 should not support the STM32F407VG MCU?

I have not verified this, but Arthur may want to try the following:

Search the json file in targets / targets.json for "ARCH_MAX". It should start at line 1443 for the latest release. Edit line 1451 to make the following change to the "release_versions" entry:

was: "release_versions": ["2"],

is: "release_versions": ["2", "5"],

You may also want to try deleting the "program_cycle_s" entry (line 1448 in the latest release), as it does not appear to apply to the F4 Discovery board.

Finally, make sure that any pin names you use (in any examples you try or in your own code) refer to the correct pins for the F4 Discovery board. When in doubt, I suggest you use the actual pin number instead of a pin name (eg. PD_13 instead of LED1 and PA_0 instead of USER_BUTTON).

posted by J Roth 06 Dec 2017

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