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How to get the body from http response

Hi all, I am using the http example https://os.mbed.com/teams/sandbox/code/http-example/

The connect works fine and the body can be show in terminal with the function dump_response.

printf("\nBody (%d bytes):\n\n%s\n", res->get_body_length(), res->get_body_as_string().c_str());

Since that is a printf function and I don't know how to get the body as string variable, can anyone give some tips so I can create a new variable to contain the body?

Thank you.


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3 years, 5 months ago.

There's probably hundreds of ways you could do this! I would try this:

char* body = malloc(res->get_body_length());
if(body == NULL){
    //you've ran out of memory! Handle as appropriate.
strcpy(body,  res->get_body_as_string().c_str());

// Do stuff with the body


But really if you think about it you already have the body as a const char*. If you don't need to alter the body data, and you don't want the additional over head (more typing!) of calling "res->get_body_as_string().c_str()" all the time then you can probably just do this:

const char* body = res->get_body_as_string().c_str());

Give those a go and see what happens.

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