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USB Mbed happens to disconnect when putting a .bin file into the MBED directory in FRDM k22F

Every time I intend to put the .bin file to the USB Mbed in a Linux environment , the USB Mbed of FRDM K22 happened to disconnect ,the bin file vanished. Are there any requirements for the .bin file ? Do we have a solution?

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9 months, 1 week ago.

This is how Mbed is supposed to function. When the device is flashed with a new file, it simply reboots and executes program you flashed. So, after the .bin "disappears" your board is running your program.

hi Sarah , thanks. But as the description of K22 (, the .bin file should be stored at the Microcontroller disk first , and then written to the Microcontroller flash until the reset button is pressed. But as your descirption , it seems no need to press the reset button , it can simply reboot and execute program itself ? By the way , seems we can not download the "Helloworld_K22F.bin" from, can anyone put the .bin file on ?

posted by Wei WU 12 Oct 2017

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