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MQTT for new AT interface

Hello, are you planning to make an example of MQTT over your ublox-at-cellular-interface, interface works fine on C027 but i'm missing MQTT. Thanks

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The u-blox C030-U201 2G/3G mbed-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Kit is a versatile development platform that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for low-power Internet of Things …

OK, I've published a fork of HelloMQTT in the u-blox team area:


I've tested this on my C030 board and it seems to work fine but I don't have access to a C027 board right now so can't test it on C027. Please give it a try and let me know how it goes. You should only need to set target, set toolchain and then compile/run. Oh, unless your SIM needs an APN, in which case, edit the apn field in mbed_app.json to add that.

posted by Rob Meades 10 Aug 2017

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Certainly, we'll give that a go, back at you tomorrow...

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