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RN42 MBED to MBED Communication


I am trying to use two RN-42XV modules in master slave mode. The master will control the slave like a remote control.

The problem here is that I have used many configuration from the manual but the two boards do not connect. I have checked with the Blueterm from the andriod phone and both modules respond but the they do not connect with one another.

Just for the referfence, the nodule I am using is


An early help will be much appreciated.



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11 years, 1 month ago.

I don't think so it is easy to connect, as there are many things which has to be taken care. So ask any help of expert who can help you.


It is very easy if you use BX10 firmware http://www.uelectronix.com

posted by electronix79@... 07 Apr 2013