3 years ago.

What is the lowest cost board that can play wave-file?

I think that it is needed an analog out pin to play wave file. I know that PLC 1768 can do that, but is there a cheaper borad than that?

I'd like to change the tune according to the state of the switch and the vehicle speed pulse.The PWM function can make a simple sound. But I'd like to make a little more complicated sound.

posted by Kenta Yasuda 19 Jul 2017

2 Answers

3 years ago.

At what sample rate?

For simple audio playback something like this https://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/en/audio-fx-mini-sound-board.html is normally easier than using a general purpose micro.

If coordination is required between the audio and other inputs/outputs then you can use the cheapest mbed you can find to control the trigger pin on the audio board.

Accepted Answer
3 years ago.

It all depends on the quality you want and the length of the WAV files.

8-bit@8KHz WAV files will take about 64KB/s, so if you want some lo-fi, short audio clips, you can even play them straight out of the micro thru a R2R ladder.