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sk6812 led strip is better than ws2812b,why?what is their difference?

hello,every friend,as we know ws2812b upgrade to sk6812,so,could you share some information about their difference? Appreciated your help. I know thire is shape in the 5050 led is different,any others function different?

SK6812 is much stable than WS2812b,ws2812b is easy to break. /media/uploads/Crystal1986/6812_rgb.jpg

SK6812 led datasheet : http://www.normandled.com/upload/201805/SK6812%205050%20Datasheet.pdf

posted by Crystal Aaron 16 Nov 2017

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Well 30 seconds on google found this https://cpldcpu.com/2016/03/09/the-sk6812-another-intelligent-rgb-led/ and this https://cdn-shop.adafruit.com/product-files/1138/SK6812+LED+datasheet+.pdf

There are some small differences but basically they are just a copy of the WS2812 made by a different company.

Accepted Answer

Hi Andy, i found you you know more about the led strip and the controller. You know the arduino controller,then,it have the uno,nano,mege,leonardo,so,could you share the uno nano controller information to me? i am not very know that well,i am learning it now,learn how to use them controll the led strip,and what type led strip it can controll,appreciated your help. thanks again.

posted by Alvin chen 23 May 2017

I don't know arduino well, this site has nothing to do with arduino. However there are already lots of libraries and tutorials for using these LEDs with an arduino, google should give you lots of links. WS2812 LEDs are also sometimes called NeoPixels in the arduino world, you may have more luck using that in the search term than ws2812 or sk6812

posted by Andy A 24 May 2017