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STMCubeMX generated code with FreeRTOS in Eclipse

Hello everyone,

I generated code from STMCubeMX including FreeRTOS and created a project in Eclipse.

I set up some interface communication already and was wondering if it is possible to make the project work on ARM mbed and how?

Did anyone try this before? I appreciate any kind of help.

Thank you very much in advance!

Regards, Daia

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1 year, 11 months ago.

If you compiled a program running on FreeRTOS in Eclipse, you do not need mbed site(FreeRTOS does not need to run on mbedOS - it runs on STM32 hardware directly:-) ). You just have to upload the generated binary from Eclipse to the board. If eclipse is properly configured and the jumpers on the Nucleo board are set , you just have to press Run or Debug in the menus. If you cannot upload it from eclipse you can use the virtual disk - just find the .hex file and copy it to the drive that pops up when you connect the Nucleo board.

All the instructions on how to setup Eclipse, jumpers on Nucleo board etc can be found in Internet - I will not provide a link, because instructions depend on software releases. Jumper settings can be found even on quick start guide that comes with the board, also on ST site and Eclipse setup for ST boards, arm tools etc can be found on several sites.