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STM32F401Re and Nrf24L01P


I need some help! i've been trying to use a NRF24L01P with a Mesh network protocol in my f401!

Ok, so I got a few Libaries from arduino and i've been trying to "translate" the code to a ARM perspective.

I've been using the ArduinoHal lib to help me out!

The first problem was, the lib is in C, not CPP (wich is incompatible with the embed lib - namespace error)

But I simply rename the file and it seems to be ok.

Now for the second problem: the ArduinoHal Lib define fuctions as Pin as (LED1, LED2, LED3, NC, p5, p6...)

The problem is, my board don't have a p5 or p6 or p30, it has PA_1 and PB_3 etc..

So, my question is, From where this Lib is taking those p5 pins? so I can correct them! TY

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4 months ago.

Hi. Maybe this will help ?

Thank you very much, I'm sorry it took so long for an awnser!

I'm now trying to port the RF24MESH lib from arduino to the F401!!

your tip was amazing and helped me with a few doubts!!!!

Maybe you can help me out again! the code seems to be perfect but I can't connect with anyone!

posted by Nathan Matos 24 May 2017

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