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Looking for 16-Bit parallel interface Library for RA8875 Display Controller ?

Hello everyone,

as shown in the title, i'm looking for 16-Bit parallel interface Library for RA8875 Display Controller. i tried LCDTFT_Library but unfortunately it does not work!!

LCDTFT_Library https://developer.mbed.org/users/Suky/code/LCDTFT_Library/file/edaeff58bed5/main.cpp RA8875 Display Controller http://www.buydisplay.com/download/manual/ER-TFTM090-2_Datasheet.pdf RA8875 16-Bit parallel interface http://www.buydisplay.com/download/interfacing/ER-TFTM090-2_Interfacing.pdf

Do anyone have another library ?


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3 years, 10 months ago.

I do not have a 16-bit parallel driver, but you're welcome to derive from my RA8875 lib.

Perhaps with an alternate constructor, and modifications to these few functions that read/write the controller, maybe you can get it to work without too much trouble. These are all reasonably well documented in the source.

RetCode_t RA8875::WriteCommand(unsigned char command, unsigned int data);
RetCode_t RA8875::WriteDataW(uint16_t data);
RetCode_t RA8875::WriteData(unsigned char data);
unsigned char RA8875::ReadData(void);
uint16_t RA8875::ReadDataW(void);
unsigned char RA8875::ReadStatus(void);

Thanks you so much for your answer, I have already used your library and it works very well, but 4-SPI interface is much slower than 16-bit interface and in my project I am required more speed to process and display information. But thank your for the great library.

posted by mohamed ebrahim 26 Apr 2017

Thanks for the kind words. I was suggesting you reuse most of the library, creating an alternate constructor for the 16-bit mode, and then revising those 6 methods to use the 16-bit interface? While I haven't done that, some of the other libraries have, so they may provide the basic pattern to get you going.

posted by David Smart 27 Apr 2017