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Turn off onboard LEDs


I'm using the Nucleo L432KC. I want to turn off the onboard LEDS (LED2 and LED1,USB-status LED). Is there any way, without removing the LEDS form the board?



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Not really.

You can get the schematics from here

LD1 is wired to the link status line of the debugger chip, LD2 is wired directly to the 5V power rail.

LD3 is under software control, If it's not already off set PB3 as a digital output and set it low and it will turn off.

Is is possible disable them without removing the LEDs by removing resistors, still a change to the board but resistors are normally easier to replace again if you need to in the future. For LD1 remove R18 and R19 (both 100 ohms). For LD2 removed R22 (1k). For LD3 (if for some reason you can't use software) break the link SB15

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