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Do this board has any mbed client example

Do this board has any working examples that it can communicate with Device connector over Cellular.

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The MultiConnect® Dragonfly offers developers an FCC and carrier certified solution that makes connecting sensors and other edge-of-network devices quick and easy.

I just got this board i am wondering if you can provide some working example to communicate with Device Connector over Cellular.

posted by Suraj Pal 21 Feb 2017

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Unfortunately, we do not have an example for mbed device connector at this time. There is an example that supports a number of platforms and interfaces on GitHub.


You will run into issues today because our MTSAS library doesn't support mbed-os yet. We are working on that.


Hi MIke,

When is it expected that the MTSAS library supports mbed-os?

Many thanks Adriaan

posted by Adriaan Kooderings Clemens 02 Mar 2017

We should have MTSAS updated to be compatible with mbed-os 5 by the end of Q2.


posted by Mike Fiore 02 Mar 2017
4 years, 5 months ago.

As Mike said, no ready-made solution right now until the board runs mbed OS 5. However, we've used the Dragonfly with the AT firmware and a separate microcontroller which works well with mbed Device Connector. The driver is here: https://github.com/sarahmarshy/mtsas-driver.

Hey Jan, you mean that dragonfly board doesn't support OS 5 yet?

posted by Suraj Pal 21 Feb 2017

Correct, see Mike's comment (who works for Multitech).

posted by Jan Jongboom 22 Feb 2017