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How to calculate and display the digit after the decimal point?

I only remember that I can use printf(%.f) to display the digit after the decimal point, but I do not know that how to calculate and result the digit after the decimal point (only can display 0.00 like image photo). What the code I need for calculate? Please give me the code or example page, thank you. /media/uploads/zeroex123/cal.jpg

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you declared 'm' to be an int, so any fractional value will ultimately be truncated. Try changing

float m = (-1/781.5)*(cctr-4407.3);

There may be other sources of truncation in this formula that you might explore. Change the "-1" to "-1.0", and the "cctr" to "(float)cctr" - if necessary. At least from the human reviewer perspective, the intent is then more clear even if the compiler does the right thing.

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OK now, thank you

posted by so k 20 Feb 2017