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Online build system broken???

Something changed in the online compiler within the last few weeks that's causing projects built for an LPC11Uxx using mbed-dev to break. I tried to resume work on one of my projects that's using a local copy of Rev 153 today, but the binary size has jumped substantially out of the blue, and as a result the project no longer links. I tried an experiment using the blinky template for an mbed LPC11U24, and the mbed-dev version was a whopping 5.9kB larger than the mbed binary version and failed to run. I checked the build macros to see if the toolchain had changed, but they still specify ARM micro.

Binary Version


Source Version



Thanks for getting touch.

What happens if you roll back mbed-dev to older revisions?


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 06 Feb 2017

Hi Andrea. I rolled back to Rev 150 and got the same results: a massive blinky binary that doesn't run on the LPC11U24.

posted by Neil Thiessen 06 Feb 2017
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