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F746NG LocalFileSystem

I would like to read/write text files from the memory mbed bin file stored. It seems LocalFileSystem library only works with some boards. Is there any way to modify this library to work with STM32F746 Discovery board?

Have a look at https://os.mbed.com/users/roykrikke/code/BD_SD_DISCO_F746NG maybe this will help with your project.

posted by Roy Krikke 24 Mar 2018

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Not easily. A couple of the boards have a separate flash chip that is used for the USB interface, that is the memory used for the localFileSystem library. Most of the boards don't have that extra flash because it adds cost.

There are libraries for some boards that allow in application programming of sections of the main cpu flash but that is very board and application specific and is a raw flash interface rather than a file system.

Generally an SD card and the SDFileSystem library is your best bet for storage.

Accepted Answer

Thank you for your reply. However SDFileSystem seems another dead end, because as I understand, SDFileSystem library uses SPI interface to communicate with SD cards. STM32F746-Disco has a different type of SD card interface to communicate on board SD card slot. Therefore I can not initialize SDFileSystem with standard SPI pins. Is there any way to obtain relatively large amount of memory from board to PC?

posted by Huseyin Buyukesmeli 30 Jan 2017