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IDW01M1 with STM32F746G-DISCO - How?

So the DISCO-F746NG_master_wifi project apparently uses the X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 to do WiFi. However, the IDW01M1 is intended to plug into the ST MORPHO connector, and pass through an Arduino socket. I don't see any way to plug the IDW01M1 into the DISCO board. Is there some kind of adapter? Does anyone know how they did this?



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So an app engineer not specifically familiar with that project suggested that it might be done by jumpering the arduino connections. There are not actually that many pins in use, so it would not be too difficult.

posted by Thor Hall 12 Jan 2017

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Hi Thor Hall, I assume thet the usage of the arduini and morpho pin is nothing more than a mechanical issue for adding other shield. In fact the pin that are in use by the actual wifi module are not that many. if you have time and desire you could probably build a costum pcb.

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Did you get something? I am also interested.