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Library for ESP8266 ESP-12e

Hi I am unable to find the Library for the WiFi Module ESP8266 ESP12e for the Board from Renesas GR-PEACH as its ARDUINO compatible will the mbed Online IDE will recognize the ESP? if Yes then how? if No then how to do that?

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GR-PEACH is an Mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the Mbed ecosystem and Arduino UNO form factor.

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Thank you for your question. And sorry for this late reply.

It seems there is no ESP8266 ESP-12e library. If you absolutely need ESP-12e, you need to create its program by yourself.
If it is a normal type of ESP8266, the following page may be helpful.

How to implement ESP8266 to the mbed LPC1768:

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is it possible to connect output from LPC1768 to ESP-12