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Timers stop working when I instantiate a USB Device on Nucleo-F429ZI board.

I can make a USB device (MIDI in this case) work on this board, and I can make timers work on this board with an overflow interrupt toggling an I/O, but when I try to use both, the timer appears to stop working(interrupt routine stops toggling the I/O). I tried this with Timers 2, 3, 4, and 7 and non of them work. There is no code in the USB stack that appears to be using a timer. I don't even need to be using the USB. As soon as I add an instance of a USB device to my declarations, the timer stops functioning. Any ideas?

Can you post some simple code which shows this occurring?

posted by Erik - 13 Dec 2016

Sure, Here is my main function. Just make sure to import the official mbed USB library into the project. With both USB device instantiations commented out, the green LED blinks. With either USBDevice uncommented, the LED neither lights nor blinks for me. Thanks in advance for helping :)


posted by Douglas S 13 Dec 2016

OK here's the odd thing. With the USB Device instantiated, nothing runs in the main loop while the USB device(Not STLink) port is not connected. This seems odd...

posted by Douglas S 13 Dec 2016
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