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I am not receiving RSSI values greater than -47dBm

Hi mbed-community,

i am experimenting with rssi values from additional estimote beacons. Now i have the problem that my AdvertisementCallback does not report rssi values greater than -47 dBm no matter how close both devices are.

I am not doing much in my scan callback atm just printing out the rssi values:

void scanCallBack(const Gap::AdvertisementCallbackParams_t *params) { printf("RSSI: %i dBm\r\n", (int8_t)(params->rssi)); }

This outputs the following:

RSSI: -47 dBm RSSI: -60 dBm RSSI: -47 dBm RSSI: -47 dBm ...

Best regards


It would probably help to mention the hardware you are using. What do you expect the maximum to be? What's the lowest you can see? What's the dynamic range of the device? Probably the receiver is simply saturating and can't measure anything higher.

posted by Andy A 05 Dec 2016
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