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Tiny BLE and MPU6050 continous streaming of data over BLE

Hi, I would like to stream the Direction and Orientation data continuously over BLE. How could I do that? Currently, I can get the data only on tapping the sensor. If I enable the DMP_INT_CONTINUOUS interrrupt, then values will be printed on UART but I don't see anything changing even if I am moving the sensor.

Am I missing anything?


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The Tiny BLE is a Bluetooth Low Energy development board designed with low energy consumption and small size in mind. Features include BLE, CMSIS DAP, current measuring and motion detection.

Same issue. Don't need the motion events. The MPU6050 library documentation/commenting sucks. Some on Seeed, there aren't many comments on this board for you to deal with, please throw us a bone.

posted by Curt White 09 Dec 2016

Did you ever figure out how to get continuous data from the MPU6050? I am having the same issue and receiving an I2C may be stuck error when i try to remove the tap/orientation change requirements for getting a new sensor readout.

posted by Joshua Cohen 11 May 2017

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I have finished the first version. It was tested using Nordic's android UART app and is working, but not very efficient. Still, I need to understand and control the sensor's sampling and also the BLE TX rate since I need data sampled with an exact value of 80hz. I am not specialized in software, so any contribution will be appreciated. The code is commented mostly in English, but there are some in Spanish. Let me know if you need me to translate something you don't understand.