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Serial.attach in OS 5

Hi, before OS5 in libraries you attached a serial IRQ this way

attach(this, &MyClass::rxIrqBuf, RxIrq);

how do you do it in OS5.2? I can see the source code bellow, but if someone could give an example

void attach(T *obj, void (T::*method)(), IrqType type=RxIrq) {}

Thank you


posted by Zoltan Hudak 15 Feb 2019

Sorry for the late response. The following should work:

attach(callback(this, &MyClass::rxIrqBuf), Serial::RxIrq);
posted by Zoltan Hudak 15 Feb 2019

only 2 years late :-) but thank you for your effort

posted by Pavel S 19 Feb 2019

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2 years, 5 months ago.

I would also like to know how to make these changes.

Re: Sam Groves buffered serial:


This line throws a 'depreciated' warning.

RawSerial::attach(this, &BufferedSerial::rxIrq, Serial::RxIrq);

What would I need to replace this with to work with Mbed 2 ?

Hello Paul,

I dig my codes and found something. Please check, modify and verify for yourself..

This is header file (May be not complete)

#ifndef _RF_H_
#define _RF_H_

#define RF_POWER_PIN PB_10
#define RF_BAUDRATE 38400

// RF Serial Pins
#define RF_TX PA_11 // RF module Tx Pin (Serial6)
#define RF_RX PA_12 // RF module Rx Pin (Serial6)

// Coordinator Address
#define COORDINATOR_ADDRESS_1 255 // WSN coordinator address 1st byte (0xFF)
#define COORDINATOR_ADDRESS_2 255 // WSN coordinator address 2nd byte (0xFF)
#define CR 13                     // "\r" ASCII code
#define EQUAL 61                  // "=" ASCII code

class RF

  volatile bool rfRxInterruptComplete;

  // RF Initializaton
  void powerUpRF(void);
  void initRF(int _baudrate);

  // RF Interrupt Controls
  void rfRxISR(void);
  void startRxInterrupt(void);
  void stopRxInterrupt(void);

  char *readRFRxBuffer(void);
  void clearRFRxBuffer(void);

  void send_to_coordinator(char *_data);

  DigitalOut *powerPin;
  RawSerial *rfSerial;

  volatile char rfRxBufferChar;
  char rfRxBuffer[256];
  volatile uint8_t rfRxBufferCounter;


This is cpp

#include "rf.h"

    powerPin = new (RF_POWER_PIN, 0);
    rfSerial = new RawSerial(RF_TX, RF_RX);

    rfRxBufferCounter = 0;
    rfRxInterruptComplete = false;

    delete powerPin;
    delete rfSerial;

void RF::powerUpRF(void)

void RF::rfRxISR(void)
    rfRxBufferChar = rfSerial->getc();

    if (rfRxBufferChar != '\r')
        rfRxBuffer[rfRxBufferCounter] = rfRxBufferChar;
    else if (rfRxBufferChar == '\r')
        rfSerial->attach(NULL, Serial::RxIrq);
        rfRxBufferCounter = 0;
        rfRxInterruptComplete = true;

void RF::initRF(int _baudrate)
    rfSerial->attach(callback(this, &RF::rfRxISR), Serial::RxIrq);

void RF::stopRxInterrupt(void)
    rfSerial->attach(NULL, Serial::RxIrq);

void RF::startRxInterrupt(void)
    rfSerial->attach(callback(this, &RF::rfRxISR), Serial::RxIrq);

char *RF::readRFRxBuffer(void)
    return rfRxBuffer;

void RF::clearRFRxBuffer(void)
    memset(rfRxBuffer, 0, sizeof(rfRxBuffer));

void RF::send_to_coordinator(char *_data)

Regards :)

posted by Kamil M 16 Feb 2019

Thank you Kamil that was correct, but me not using it correctly. You code example will help me with other Serial code I need.



posted by Paul Staron 16 Feb 2019
2 years, 5 months ago.


Try something like below (Edit it for your code)

rfSerial->attach(callback(this, &RF::rfRxISR), Serial::RxIrq);

Thanks Kamil,

Assuming I have this correct,

RawSerial->attach(callback(this, &BufferedSerial::RawSerialRxISR), Serial::RxIrq);

I get this error:

Error: Expected an identifier in "ESP8266/ATParser/BufferedSerial/BufferedSerial.cpp", Line: 35, Col: 15

posted by Paul Staron 15 Feb 2019

Hello Paul,

Because RawSerial is a class raher than a pointer to a RawSerial object try:

RawSerial::attach(callback(this, &BufferedSerial::RawSerialRxISR), Serial::RxIrq);

and make sure that a void RawSerialRxISR() method is defined for the BufferedSerial class.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 15 Feb 2019

Seem to be getting closer Zoltan :)

But I'm not very good with code.

snip from BufferedSerial.h

class BufferedSerial : public RawSerial 
    MyBuffer <char> _rxbuf;
    MyBuffer <char> _txbuf;
    uint32_t      _buf_size;
    uint32_t      _tx_multiple;
    void RawSerialRxISR();  // put this here ?
    void rxIrq(void);
    void txIrq(void);
    void prime(void);

Now I get this:

Error: Undefined symbol BufferedSerial::RawSerialRxISR() (referred from ../../build/ESP8266/ATParser/BufferedSerial/BufferedSerial.MAX32630FTHR.o).

Can't believe that no one else has seen this issue, is Serial interrupt function not used any more? Whilst it does work okay, I don't like to see warnings when I compile and this is the only one I get. I suppose I can't complain compared with the 150 or so warnings on OS5.

posted by Paul Staron 16 Feb 2019

Never mind Paul, It's difficult to hold my nerv with mbed too :)
After importing the ATParser library and taking a closer look I'd suggest to replace

    RawSerial::attach(this, &BufferedSerial::rxIrq, Serial::RxIrq);


    RawSerial::attach(callback(this, &BufferedSerial::rxIrq), Serial::RxIrq);

both in the BufferedSerial::BufferedSerial construcor and in the BufferedSerial::prime function. No warnings should be reported after that.

posted by Zoltan Hudak 16 Feb 2019

Not sure if this is posting under the correct part, but both suggestions were correct to sort this out.

Zoltan, I did the two changes as you said, (void RawSerialRxISR(); put this here ? was't needed). But the BufferedSerial::prime, I had to change rxIrq to txIrq and RxIrq to TxIrq and now I get no warnings on a full Compile All using MBED-DEV (rev.187, current) with a STM32L432 board and it works exactly as I would expect it to :) :) :)

I think this is the first time I have seen that for some years. My confidence is now firmly back with Mbed.

This must be an Mbed record!!

posted by Paul Staron 16 Feb 2019