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TG-LPC11U35-501 driver

I connect TG-LPC11U35-501 to windows PC and saw a device manager. Indication goes out "A driver isn't installed." What should a driver install?

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The TG-LPC11U35-501 Board from CQ Publishing is a easy to use ARM Cortex-M0 rapid prototyping board in a breadboard-friendly 40-pin DIL format.

Hi Kenji,

What operating system are you using ?


Andrea, team mbed

posted by Andrea Corrado 04 Nov 2016

Thank you for your question. I use Windows 7 Professional. My system is as follows. Processor:Intel Xeon 3.7GHz RAM:8GB System:64bit operating system


posted by kenji sakurai 04 Nov 2016

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The TG-LPC11U35-501does not have mbed interface chip on board and USB port connects to target chip USB pins. Therefore, Windows device manager may require USB driver depending on your program in the flash memory. e.g. If you programmed code which use USBSerial for printf/scanf, you need to install USBSerial driver here. https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/USBSerial

But, if you programmed just a simple blinky program for instance, you do not need USB driver and Window device manager shows "A driver isn't installed", which is expected behavior.

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Thank you for your help. I programmed code which use USBSerial for printf. When the driver you told was used, USB could be recognized now. I really owe you a lot,

posted by kenji sakurai 07 Nov 2016
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You will see TG-LPC11U35-501 as USB mass storage. When you connect the TG-LPC11U35-501 to Windows PC at first time, Windows build-in driver will be installed automatically. If you have a driver problem, you can update with device manager. There is no specific driver.

How to write your bin file. 1.Hold ISP button and then RESET ON/OFF 2.You will see USB storage 3.Delete firmware.bin 4.Copy your.bin

see also https://developer.mbed.org/users/yasuyuki/notebook