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C027 support test CELLOCATE broken

I've noticed a few big issues with the program C027_SupportTest

loc.latitue should obviously be loc.latitude

loc.sensorUsed should be loc.sensor?

mdm.cellLocGet(&loc) should be mdm.cellLocGetData(&loc)?

mdm.cellLocRequest(sensorMask, submitPeriod-timeoutMargin, targetAccuracy); should be mdm.cellLocRequest(MDMParser::CELL_LOCATE, 15, 1, MDMParser::CELL_DETAILED, 1); ?

if (!mdm.cellLocSrvHttp("TOKEN")) should be if (!mdm.cellLocSrvTcp("TOKEN")) ?

mdm.cellLocConfigSensor(1) should be mdm.cellLocConfig(1)?

If someone can confirm that these changes are correct that would be great. Even better would be if working code was provided.

These issues are easily replicated by defining CELLOCATE

Question relating to:

Development team for u-blox positioning and wireless products

I am seeing the same issues with the current software. I make the changes needed to get it to build (the ones you mention above) and it does build.

BUT: The cell locate function is "wrong" by several thousand miles.

posted by Gary Helbig 11 Mar 2017
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