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Wi-fi Library Broken?

Wifi Library fails to compile if I update the mbed library to the newest version. This leads to an awkward situation where I cannot use RTOS, which is do need. /media/uploads/Vlad/capture_q5yE7mF.png

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Delta DFCM-NNN40-EVB provides prototype board for ARM Cortex-M0, BLE and Wi-Fi function. The developed platform supports ARM mbed toolchain and Arduino form factor.

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When you import the project and compile, you should see a error message #Struct "<unnamed>" has no field "NRFFW" The error is caused by conflict nrf51.h in the codebase. This has been explained in https://developer.mbed.org/questions/70458/Struct-unnamed-has-no-field-NRFFW/

The quick fix is to do the following

Edit nRF51822/nrf51-sdk/source/nordic_sdk/components/libraries/fstorage/fstorage_config.h and remove:

uint32_t const bootloader_addr = NRF_UICR->NRFFW[0];
return  ((bootloader_addr != FS_EMPTY_MASK) ?
bootloader_addr : NRF_FICR->CODESIZE * FS_PAGE_SIZE);

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Thank you guys!

posted by Vladimir Akopyan 29 Dec 2016