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Mbed RTOS hangs when starting modem of Ublox

I'm trying to start GSM modem of Ublox C027 and it is succeeding if I'm not using RTOS. But when I add RTOS, it throws the following error: "RTX error code: 0x00000001, task ID: 0x10000B78" and execution stops.

I can't find that error code anywhere in documentations, what it means? I disabled all the other threads so now there is only main and communication thread running. Other threads are working without modem thread so disabling them is only a precaution.

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2 years, 8 months ago.


I have gotten the 0x01 error several times. The error codes can be seen in the rtos source files. This is a stack overflow error. You need to allocate more stack size to that thread when you create it is all. Like this:

Thread thread_gsm(osPriorityNormal,4000);    //or whatever size you need

And these are the codes:

/* Error Codes */
#define OS_ERR_STK_OVF          1U
#define OS_ERR_FIFO_OVF         2U
#define OS_ERR_MBX_OVF          3U
#define OS_ERR_TIMER_OVF        4U


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