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How to clear the programs written to the GR peach

After copying example sketches how to clear all of it from the memory?

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GR-PEACH is an Mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the Mbed ecosystem and Arduino UNO form factor.

VV, Are you referering to: Last Arduino Sketch When the system boot, it checks if a sketch compiled with the Arduino IDE is saved in the default location, which is /var/opt/m4/m4last.fw.

You can modify this behaviour uncommenting and modifying the m4last variable in /boot/uEnv.txt.?

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How are the example sketches being written to which type of memory? Flash, RAM or both or SDcard - for flash and SDcard, simplest way is to overwrite, or in C programming use calloc, vs. malloc/free for RAM if not powered down. Are these in LCD memory ?

Xtrm Designs LLC

I've copied the program via USB to the board. Now if I view the contents of the drive, I cannot find the program. If I copy another file onto it, It works. But will it overwrite the previous or not?. I'm confused because i dont know whether the old program exists on the board or not :).

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So the Reset sets up the execution of new code binary loaded into the FAT file system. Here are some links that should help. SD Card File System - Cookbook | mbed https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/SD-Card-File-System

A library to allow SD Cards to be accessed as a filesystem, using an SPI interface. This library supports: FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32; SD / SDHC cards up to 32Gb ... FatFileSystem - a mercurial repository | mbed https://developer.mbed.org/users/AdamGreen/code/FatFileSystem/

Dec 25, 2011 - Updated FAT File System driver. Features include: * Updated to R0.09 - Sep 06, 2011 http://elm-chan.org/fsw/ff/00index_e.html * Bug fixes ... Homepage - Cookbook | mbed https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/

posted by XtrmDesignsLLC GRPeach 23 Oct 2016
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GR-PEACH usually overwrites and uses a new program. You do not need to erase the previous program.
The default software written on GR-PEACH is here. (Please check the "Update all libraries to the latest version" at the time of import.)

If you really only want to erase, you have the following method.

  1. Update the firmware for GR-PEACH to "grpeach_8mb_20160811.bin".
    How to Update the firmware for GR-PEACH
  2. Hold down the RESET button.
  3. Copied the "ERASE.ACT" file via USB to the board.
    (The contents of the file are ignored; you can pass it an empty file.)

Please see here for more information about the DAPLink MSD Commands.