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Exporting project with the RTOS integrated


How do you export an mbedOS project with the RTOS integrated. I only ever get it without the RTOS. I am currently trying it with mbed OS release from github (https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os). I cannot use the CLI as 1) I would like to have the whole SDK at the same time ,2) I am behind a firewall.

I tried it for the SAMD21G18A (Arduino Zero) and the NUCLEO_F411RE targets. Both result in the similar export builds.

Basically i install the release with (python setup.py install) and then (python project.py -m SAMD21G18A -i gcc_arm -p 0). Similar for the ST Nucleo board. I can get the blinky running with the normal wait but not with Thread.

Looking forward to working with the mbedOS 5

Thank you, Kevin Goveas

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Hi Kevin,

First of all, using mbed CLI is just a wrapper around manually cloning mbed OS (and some build scripts). It does contain the full SDK - including all targets and features - when you start a new project through it. The easiest way to start behind a firewall would be to create a new project outside the realms of the corporate network, place all files on a USB drive and then import. You'll have all targets & features present and do not need internet access to build. It's way more versatile than doing an export from online compiler (as that will be single target).

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Hi Jan,

I figured out that rtos should be built separately using the build.py script; correct me if i am wrong. Is there a link to schedule when the remaining controllers would have rtos and other modules supported?

Thank you.

posted by Kevin Goveas 05 Sep 2016

I don't have any deep knowledge on that. Best would be to read through the mbed CLI code for that. Bear in mind that we have CLI for these reasons, already done the work around feature detection and compiling the right stuff in :-)

posted by Jan Jongboom 05 Sep 2016