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Error: Target "NUCLEO_F207ZG" is not recognized

I created a program with the nrf51 using a 9DOF sensor and an SD card and works like a charm. When porting to ST Nucleo boards, the I2C seems to work on M0+ and M4 NUCLEO boards but the SD access through SPI does not work and behaves the same on both boards.

On an M3 Nucleo STM32F207ZGT6 I am able to compile a limited number of NUCLEO provided examples, but when I used a different exampleother than the NUCLEO examples such as e.g. "Hello World SDFileSystem" get the following message.

Error: Target "NUCLEO_F207ZG" is not recognized

But if I compile for the STM32F303 or the STM32L053, it compiles and can access the SD card. On the other hand the NUCLEO_F207ZG is the last in the list of available boards even if I add more NUCLEO boards to the list of available boards.

I have seen several messages in which there were similar errors and they were because the boards were not iupdated in the library or somewhere.

How can I fix this intermittent problem?

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STM32 Nucleo-144 development board with STM32F207ZG MCU, supports Arduino, ST Zio and morpho connectivity

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Hello, you need to update the mbed library to the latest version. Older version are probably being used in the examples you are mentioning but those did not support the NUCLEO-F207ZG platform.

Thank you , this solution works

posted by seifeddine benomar 14 Mar 2018