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Can GR-PEAC work as an USB Camera

Hi, I would like to know whether a GR-PEACH work can as an USB camera. For example, I would like to send images on a GR-PEACH LCD shield to an USB host by USB. Thank you.

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GR-PEACH is an Mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the Mbed ecosystem and Arduino UNO form factor.

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Hi Hirofumi,

Thanks for your question i'd be happy to help you.

There are multiple camera modules that would be possible to work with any ARM mbed platform, for example if you look at the Adafruit page "https://www.adafruit.com/categories/68" You can see a number which use a variety of different communication interfaces to the platform such as SPI, I2C and UART to transfer images/colour and sensing back to the platform.

In terms of a quick method of using a camera with your platform there are multiple libraries for camera modules already on the mbed website that you will be able to use such as:




Obviously you will need to alter your code to match decorations of your platform, but this is a great starting point. If you ever need information of what sensors or attachments you want to use on your platform refer to the components page "https://developer.mbed.org/components/" which has libraries and API already developed to allow quick prototyping.

I hope that answers your question, all the best.

-Andrea, team mbed.

Thank you for your reply. However, I don't look any sample code for connectiong an USB camera, but one emulating an usb function of Camera.

posted by Hirofumi Inomata 15 Aug 2016
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So we have an application that processes cmos camera image data file into jpg and then serves it to a web-server for display (like the LCD). Perhaps this code could be re-purposed to do the USB emulation that you require.


We also use MatLab to perform change detection between any two images (jpg format). Thank you, very respectfully,

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