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Can't flash the module — 'Please insert disk'

I just got my first MTS dragonfly with the development board. After installing Dragonfly on the dev. board, i plugged into a windows PC. Unlike other Mbed boards, I am greeted with a message "please insert disk" and I see no file system. Am I doing something wrong?



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STLink has issues since the Windows 10 Anniversary update, causing this issue. We're talking to ST to get this resolved asap.

posted by Jan Jongboom 17 Aug 2016


Any news on this issue?



posted by Mike Fiore 25 Aug 2016

Any updates on this Windows 10 ST-LINK issue?

posted by Darrik Spaude 16 Sep 2016

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I just tested all my Mbed boards and discovered that this is a windows 10 issue. MTS-Dragonfly and another board, Delta DFCM-NNN40, do not show up with a valid partition on any of my windows 10 machines. I have a couple of FRDM boards and those work fine.

I tested Ubuntu, and it has no issue displaying the disk drives or programming the boards. A workable solution is is to use Ubuntu in Virtualbox, and pass it control of the USB device.

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