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Getting Started - How to do offline work, Eclipse/uVision/etc.?

Hi, I just got ahold of my MAX32600MBED board, and am looking to ramp-up on using it, for MCU evaluation purposes.

This entire mbed concept is great and of value for some, but I have need for offline development, deployment and debug - are there conventional compiler, toolchain and debug tools available for the MAX32600?

And a more simple question, is there a 'Getting Started - Offline' guide...?

-Justin :)

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Hello Justin,

You can download entire integrated offline tools (Eclipse, Cross Compiler, Debugger etc) from this URL:


Or simply go to Maxim Integrated website. Search for MAX32600. Click on "Design Resources" tab on MAX32600 product page. You can download the tools for both Windows and MacOS using the URLs located under Tools & Models - Software section here.

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Hello Justin,

I have used IAR's EWARM for the MAX32600MBED board with no issues.

I do not recommend using Eclipse with MAX32600MBED board due to openocd's support of the CMSIS-DAP interface. From my experiences and others, it appears that openocd doesn't support JTAG as a transport when using the CMSIS-DAP interface. Others may have more experience and have a solution for this.

The toolchain download that Gokhan referenced doesn't support mbed, however it does have a build of openocd that has knowledge of the Flash Algorithm for the MAX32600. The problem is, openocd requires an interface config file as well (i.e. CMSIS-DAP for the MAX32600MBED board) and from my experience, the available CMSIS-DAP.cfg files available only work for SWD, which the 32600 doesn't support.

Therefore, use IAR. I don't know about Keil.

Hope this helps and if anyone has knowledge otherwise, please share.


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this might be a good start : https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/blob/master/docs/BUILDING.md.

You can export from the online IDE and start from there, or just use mbed-os repo as a base for your project (not certain if mbed 2 or mbed 5?).