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Do you have idea why the Cmsis-dap doesn't work when passed-through in a VirtualBox VM ?

The "drop firmware" function would work, since the MBED folder appears. But no /dev/hidrawXXX devices present. I have: Bus 003 Device 031: ID 0d28:0204 NXP LPC1768 device present in the VM. The Cmsis-DAP device is the FRDM-KL25Z`s K20 MCU.

Anyway, many thanks for the open firmware and CMSIS-DAP. It makes the ARM programming affordable. I use it with OpenOCD/GCC.

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2 years, 10 months ago.

Just to recap my work:

  • Update LPC1768 interface firmware to 141212 following https://os.mbed.com/handbook/Firmware-LPC1768-LPC11U24. It support s CMSIS-DAP
  • (shutdown your virtual box. Then) From Virtual box settings menu, Ports->USB tab,
    • Enable USB Controller ==> check
    • Choose USB2.0(EHCI) Controller
    • You should see "MBED CMSIS-DAP xxx " devices by pressing + button on the filter GUI. If not, try reconnecting mbed device now and reopen setting menu.
    • Add new USB filter for selected device. You may want to clear Serial No. field to connect multiple mbed LPC1768 devices to your virtual box with one filter.

This way works on my VirtualBox(Ubutu16.04 LTS, Desktop)

Note : In my case, pyocd-gdbserver and other pyocd-* tools needed to be run with sudo to detect CMSIS-DAP devices. Without sudo, it does not show any; not showing any warning/errors. Probably by this reason, I needed to run `sudo EclipseCDT` to debug devices from EclipseCDT.

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Thanks ! Btw, Ubuntu 16 didn't exist when I had this problem :-). Nowadays use the base machine/host for development, because I know the tools and that there are no background daemons running . Still using the KL25Z board as CMSIS-DAP though. I don't use pyocd because I prefer the compiled stuff like OpenOCD. To detect the CMSIS-DAP I have added some entries to the UDEV configuration of my OS to allow my user to get access.

posted by Angel G 06 Feb 2019