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Orientation relative to magnetic north

hello guys,

Is possible with this device, have orientation relative to magnetic north. Or is necessary to use a magnetometer for to get this orientation??


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A GPS can't give you orientation but it can give you heading. Heading accuracy is somewhat dependent upon speed, if you are stationary or moving very slowly it'll be unreliable. The faster you are moving the more accurate it will be up to a certain point.

You will get the direction that the GPS antenna is traveling in not the direction you are facing.

The GPS output is true heading not magnetic heading. The $GPRMC output line includes a field for magnetic variation which would allow you to correct for this and output a heading relative to magnetic north however most GPS systems leave this field blank, you'd have to check on the one you have.

Thanks Andy A for your answer!!!

You have reason, my GPS system haven't $GPRMC output line, but NMEA protocol has another sentence information like $GPGSV, this include azimuth!! and this included in my GPS system.

Your information was usefull for my project.


posted by Alvaro Guerrero Aguirre 28 Jul 2016

GPGSV gives the azimuth for each gps satellite from your current location, nothing to do with your heading or orientation.

It doesn't output RMC, the recommended minimum output? I thought they all had that one. The other standard output with heading in it is GPVTG.

posted by Andy A 28 Jul 2016