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Bricked ST-link on Nucleo 401


I think I bricked the st-link on the nucleo 401. Is there any way to restore this firmware?

I tried to replace the st-link with j-link firmware. when I restored the original firmware I see that I cannot connect to st-link anymore even though the interface enumerates as an mbed drive.


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If it enumerates, it is probably not as bricked as you think it is.
You may need to unplug the nucleo, reboot the PC and plug the nucleo again.
If it does not work, I recommend to reinstall the driver and eventually use the upgrade tool from here or from the ST-Link menu of the STM32 ST-Link Utility to upgrade/reprogram the firmware.

Thanks, I fixed it by uninstalling the driver from Device manager twice. Apparently the first time was not successful.

posted by Dimiter K 21 Jul 2016

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