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Downloading firmware in Nucleo-M0

Hello, all! I would like to ask how can you know if the code is already downloaded in the microcontroller? I know that saving works like a USB but when you download it to the microcontroller, does it stays like a file? Because mine does. And also the status led flashes. But when I run the code in the serial monitor, even a simple printing does not work. Please help. :)

I also got a FAIL.TXT with a message "Flash algorithm write command FAILURE". :(

posted by Jas Y 05 Jul 2016

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Hello, the contents of FAIL.TXT should give you a hint about why it failed.
Usually it comes down to a bad stlink connection or a device which is not powered.
also make sure you have the latests STLink firmware on board.

The drag and drop feature is just a simplified programing method.
If you want to read the device back, you have to use a programming application like the ST-Link utility or STVP

5 years ago.

Try using another "mbed.h" library. I had the same trouble (it uploaded the .bin, but then it does nothing). I used mbed-src library.

You just have to change the mbed folder in the program workspace. In the main.cpp file you have to put #include "mbed.h" (the same that before)