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VectronNav VN-100

Hello Everyone,

I am using VN-100 gyro from VectorNav to measure the rotation around one of it's axis. I am planning to place the gyro on one of the device and measure the number of rotation made by the device. Device is just going to rotate on one axis so I want to program the gyro with LPC1768. I am having problem with starting, I am not sure where to start wth the Gyro, I also went through the usermanual of the VN-100 but it was a lot of information and didnt get much out of it. Any one who has done something similar in past with this sensor? By the way I am planning to use serial communication between the sensor and the LPC1768.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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The part as a whole gets quire complex if you want to get the most out of it but to get the raw gyro values it looks fairly simple, the key messages are in section 6.2.6 onward of the manual.

Open the serial port at 115200 and then send it the commands

output roll pitch and yaw $VNWRG,06,1*XX

set the output rate to 10Hz (section 6.2.8 gives the possible rates) $VNWRG,07,10*XX

If you want ot change the port baud rate the command is: $VNWRG,05,[new rate]*XX

You should then get messages in the format


at the requested rate.

Read the data from the serial port until you get a new line character and then you can then use sscanf or strtok & strtod to split the input into separate numbers for each axis.