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Renesasa GR-Peach


I am interested in purchasing a GR-Peach from Digikey. What is the correct part number for a fully assembled board (is it YGRPEACHFULL)? The pictures of the product at the Digikey site depect depect an unassembled board.



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Here are the differences with "Full" vs. "Normal" GR-PEACH. Full has the sockets and RJ45 already mounted. http://www.core.co.jp.e.ko.hp.transer.com/product/m2m/gr-peach/index.html#attention

Digi-Key has "Full " versions with Rev C boards. Same as Rev E except for silkscreen. If you choose the CMOS Camera and Shield options for a WebCamera type of applications then Digi-Key also has those items.

Here is a a picture of my Full Boards, one with the camera and the other out of the box. Both are Rev C boards.

/media/uploads/pateshian/img_20160612_171008482_hdr.jpg -------------------

Normal (without connectors)



Full ( with RJ45 and arduino connectors)


Please let me know if you have any more questions. Very respectfully,

Xtrm Designs LLC

New options for WiFi Rohm BP3595 module and XBee may ship boards without soldered in connectors.

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