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http post problem ublox c027

Hello, I have an ublox c027 and I won't save my GPS position on my web server white gprs connection.

for example, I'm using (http://ipadress:port/?id=123456&lat=12&lon=45×tamp=3). for saving my position.

When I execute the socket on my web browser that's works. but on my c027 bored, it's not work.

I use HTTPClient_Cellular_HelloWorld project example for test .


POST data HTTPMap map; HTTPText inText(str, 512); map.put("id", "111111"); map.put("lat", "12"); map.put("lon", "40"); map.put("timestamp", "3"); printf("\nTrying to post data...\n"); int ret = http.post("http://ipadressServer:port", map, &inText); if (!ret) { printf("Executed POST successfully - read %d characters\n", strlen(str)); printf("Result: %s\n", str); } else { printf("Error - ret = %d - HTTP return code = %d\n", ret, http.getHTTPResponseCode()); } #####


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