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USB Device & EthernetInterface support for DISCO-F746NG platform

Hi, when do you plan to add support for DISCO-F746NG board to the libraries USB-device and Ethernet Interface ? Regards, Ales

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The STM32F746G-DISCO discovery board (32F746GDISCOVERY) is a complete demonstration and development platform for STMicroelectronics ARM® Cortex®-M7 core-based STM32F746NGH6 microcontroller.

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I have just published Ethernet for the NUCLEO STM32F746ZG board . The disco board should be easy to adapt since only a few pin assignments are different. https://developer.mbed.org/users/DieterGraef/code/Nucleo_F746ZG_Ethernet/

with best regards Dieter Gräf

Just published a partly working USB Device lib. The limitation at the moment is: doesnt work with isochronus packets (audio) cant assemble bigger packets from small bulk packets (mass storage).

posted by Dieter Graef 31 Jul 2016
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Hi, I want to use the board DISCO-F746 as a client to send data to the cloud service M2X.

First I tested the demo program DISCO-F746NG_Ethernet, desperately I can not get MAC Address 00: 00: 00 00: 00: 00 (read from my network router interface UI)

Then after eth.init() the program stops at the line: <EthernetInterface Initialize Error>

However the router fully recognize other Dev Board as my BEAGLEBONE Black (Ethernet connection)

I've updated all library. Did I forget something?

Thank you for help.

Do you use an external Compiler? At the moment only the mbed build in compiler and gcc are supported. The MAC address is hard coded in the file stm32f7_emac.c as a copy of the mbed defaults from mbed_interface.h and shouldnt be all 0. Please try to use the debugging features to be set up in the file lwipopts.h if you set the option #define NETIF_DEBUG LWIP_DBG_ON you should see in and out packets. I hope this helps Dieter

posted by Dieter Graef 22 Jun 2016

Yes I only use mbed online compiler. Does mac adress should be always 0 ? For debugging features I need to use external IDE such Keil ? Thank you.

posted by rom r 22 Jun 2016

I need to correct myself. I have just compared the mbed_dev version of mbed_interface.h with the version i worked with and found differences MAC should be all 0 now but i will change this to the required new behaviour. Note the Initialize Error also appears when something goes wrong with the dhcp you can check this to with a debug option in lwipopts.h #define DHCP_DEBUG LWIP_DBG_ON With best regards Dieter

posted by Dieter Graef 22 Jun 2016


I will try to get error during initialize with LWIP_DBG_ON define. And give feedback. Thank you for help Best regards

posted by rom r 23 Jun 2016

I have corrected the mac issue the mac is now 02:00:00 for ST and the sum over the unique device id (12 Bytes)

posted by Dieter Graef 23 Jun 2016

Wonderful it work only with mac adress and device change after library update. Thank you very much Dieter. Best regards

* Ethernet Demo uses NTP to set the clock * IP Address is NetMask is Gateway Address is Ethernet Setup OK Getting time, 10s timeout. Time is set to : Thu Jun 23 10:31:51 2016 end of programm

And Mac adress get from router is < 02:00:00:00:01:EA - STM32F746 >

posted by rom r 23 Jun 2016
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Work is on going to have Ethernet supported for DISCO-F746NG.

Thank you for promt answer. Do you have some estimate when it will be ready ? Do you plan to implement also support to the library USB-device ?

posted by Ales Burian 30 May 2016


I'll keep you informed as soon as I get more details on the planning to support both Ethernet and USB.

posted by ST support team 01 Jun 2016


posted by Patrick McNamara 13 Jun 2016

Do you know that Dieter Graef has made some working EthernetInterface for STM32F746NG-Discovery here: https://developer.mbed.org/questions/68763/EthernetInterface-for-STM32F746NG-Discov/?c=23005

He has asked for some kind of support but unfortunately without any response... !!??

posted by Ales Burian 15 Jun 2016

ST Support Team - any updates for Ethernet support for DISCO-F746NG? It looks like you posted over 3 months ago. Thanks.

posted by M Aanenson 12 Sep 2016

Any updates on the "USB Device" support? USBEndpoints.h still reports an unknown target on the online compiler.

posted by H. Chanon 17 Dec 2016