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EFM32 STK3600 test

I have the EA_DIP203J-4NLW display from lcd-module (ssd1803 controller) connected to the EFM32 STK3600 EXP connector. Communication is via SPI (USART1). I imported the TextLCD_HelloWorld2 project. I get an error when compiling:

Error: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed_487b796308b0/platform.h", Line: 21, Col: 21 Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors...

How can I fix?

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Try updating the 'Mbed' library folder, right-hand click the folder and select update, you may an out of date library.

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Hi Antonello, Paul is right about updating the mbed lib. That should solve the issue with the 'device.h' error. Also note that there are Electronic Assembly LCDs with the SSD1803 and some with the SSD1803A controller. These controllers are in fact quite different!

With the current version of TextLCD lib a display with an SSD1803A should use

TextLCD_SPI_N_3_24 lcd(&spi_lcd, p8, TextLCD::LCD20x4D, NC, TextLCD::SSD1803_3V3); 

Displays with the SSD1803 should at this moment use

TextLCD_SPI_N_3_24 lcd(&spi_lcd, p8, TextLCD::LCD20x4D, NC, TextLCD::KS0073);

See https://developer.mbed.org/questions/61891/20x4-LCD-with-SSD1803-confused/

I will add two separate LCDTypes for the SSD1803 and the SSD1803A in the next release of the lib.

Hi Wim, I successfully compiled and run program on STK3600. I'm in the same situation of post https://developer.mbed.org/questions/61891/20x4-LCD-with-SSD1803-confused/.

On the terminal: TextLCD Enhanced Test. Columns=20, Rows=4 MemAddr(Col=0, Row=0)=0x00 MemAddr(Col=19, Row=0)=0x13 MemAddr(Col=0, Row=1)=0x20 MemAddr(Col=19, Row=1)=0x33 MemAddr(Col=0, Row=2)=0x40 MemAddr(Col=19, Row=2)=0x53 MemAddr(Col=0, Row=3)=0x60 MemAddr(Col=19, Row=3)=0x73 All my hard work took sec Bye now

posted by Antonello Lombardinilo 15 Jun 2016