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Date on File System

Dear all, I own LPC1768 mbed. I am trying to use the LocalFileSystem but I cannot make it write the correct date, it always shows 01/01/2008 12:00. I supposed that date and time are added automatically to the file name (like when you save a file PC) but perhaps I am missing to set something up. I have not found a command to read from the LPC1768 the date and time of files stored in the LocalFileSystem from the PC (with correct date and time). Thank you in advance. Best regards

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You need to set the time, the system can't give valid time stamps if it doesn't know the correct time.



where timeValue is the time in seconds since January 1st 1970

There are lots of sites which will calculate the time for you for any date you want e.g. http:www.unixtimestamp.com/

Dear Andy, before posting my question I've set the date and checked it. I can write the date as text in the file so I can timestamp data on the file, the problem is with the date of the file. Best regards Daniel

posted by Daniel Bonafede 30 Mar 2016