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Issue getting the application working

Hi Michael,

I have the u-blox C027 dev board with the LISA module running on the AT&T network in the U.S. I am having difficulty getting the program to send data to my M2X channel. I only need to send simple data and do not require any GPS. I stripped out the GPS code segments and the timer (just want to send a single data point for testing).

When I try to run the application I keep getting an HTTP Error 400 - Bad Request.

Maybe I left out something, not sure. I have my API key and ID included.

Do you have a simplified version of your application without GPS I could try?

Thanks, Tony

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Check that you created the stream, feed, keys correctly. Maybe you can verify the request M2X requests from a PC. Check that the M2X client and server are up-to-date and compatible.

You can enable debugging of the mdm driver ith the following statement. mdm.setDebug(4); enable this for debugging issues

Hope this helps.

I worked with Tony and we got it fixed. He changed the "m2xClient.updateStreamValue" call to send a different type of value and M2X didn't like the format of the value. Thanks! -Joe

posted by Joe Bossalini 27 Mar 2015