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JTAG the MTQ Dragonfly with Olimex?

Hello, I need to integrate an MTQ Dragonfly B01 (the one with the ARM) into a product's circuit assembly (rather than keeping it with the MTUDK eval board). Ideally I'd like to be able to use an ARM JTAG programmer/debugger like the Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H to write the flash and debug it. I want to make sure I'm recommending the correct hookups to our hardware team to make this possible, but the only schematics I can find are for the MTUDK eval board.

1) Has anybody had any experience with this kind of setup on Dragonfly?

2) Is there a schematic for the MTS Dragonfly B01 posted anywhere? The "Device Guide" lists a lot of pin functions in tables and some hand-wavey block diagrams, but we really need to know details like what kinds of pullup resistors are present on the JTAG pins on the Dragonfly, behind the 40-pin connector.

3) The STM32F411* datasheet mentions 5 JTAG lines. Do these seem like the right hookups? /media/uploads/bashirley/jtag_hookups_mtq_dragonfly.png So DBGACK, DBGRQ, nSRST, RTCK would be NC on the JTAG header; nTRST, TCK, TDI, TDO, and TMS would be routed to MTQ Dragonfly pins on the 40-pin connector, and Vref would be routed to Vcc.

4) Out of curiosity, does anybody know why the TDI signal doesn't appear on the MTUDK schematic between the Dragonfly ARM and the master/programmer ARM? I'm assuming I'd want that hooked up.


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