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Updating LPC1114 Firmware

Is it possible to update the firmware of LPC1114 using LPC1768. I have successfully transferred bin programs this way and they run just as expected but is there a way to enter ISP mode and to update the firmware using similar approach?

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this transfers data (which is stored in "bin" file in mbed storage) into LPC1114, LPC1115, LPC81x, LPC82x, LPC1768/LPC1769 and LPC11U68/LPC11E68 internal flash memory through ISP. In-System Programming, ISP, LPC1114, lpc1115, LPC11U68, LPC1768, LPC1769, LPC810, LPC811, LPC812, LPC81x, LPC822, LPC824, LPC82x

What do you mean "firmware"?

If it means "firmware for the mbed LPC1114FN28", please refer to Erik's answer.
The mbed LPC1114FN28 uses LPC11U35 as an interface chip and its firmware can be written through USB interface. The LPC11U35 flash memory can be written via UART using ISP but it requires hardware modification.

posted by Tedd OKANO 08 Mar 2016

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The firmware update is for the interface chip, not the LPC1114 itself. If you use the LPC1768 to send the bin files you don't have this interface chip and you have nothing to update :).

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