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LCD 16x2 with i2c compatibility

Hello everybodies, I have a STM32F411 with LCD 16x2 plus I2C PCF8574T. I tried to make them to communicate but without any results. I looked in google and so on, but no success. Can anyone help me please? Cheers, Marco

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Not sure if you are trying to use the Freetronics display or if you are looking for a general solution to control an LCD using an I2C portexpander such as the PFC8574. Anyhow, the Enhanced TextLCD lib supports both native I2C LCD controllers as well as I2C expanders that connect to the regular 4-bit interface of an HD44780 LCD controller. See here for the library and see here for background info and wiring information.

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thanks so much Wim, now it's working! great good tutorial. Probem was in declaration for "Select Serial Port Expander Hardware module". Now I understood my mistake and I can go in advance. You rock!

posted by marco valli 12 Mar 2016