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X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4/5 Sub-Ghz RF expansion boards?

How can I create a star or mesh network via X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4 boards? I have nucleo L053R8 and it does not support contiki OS. I use x-cube sub-ghz rf expansion v_1.0.0. A point-to-point example is available in this library but I want to create a star or mesh network. Are there anyone who interested in this sub-ghz rf expansion boards? The document I use is here http://www.emcu.it/NUCLEO_XNUCLEO/X-NUCLEO-ExpansionBoard.html#X-NUCLEO-IDS01A4

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Hi sorry for late reply i have been tinkering with star network working fine with my two f401 using the contiki demo but can't get it to work on my 2 f746 trying to get it to work now without contiki but no luck