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Pin connections

Just getting started here with the Adafruit CC3000 Breakout module that ties in the CC3300 on an easy to use PCB. I have it connected to an external dipole antenna (2GHz, 5dBi) to allow for the module to be inside a box with the antenna outside in an open environment.

Looking at line 29, I understand the SPI connections p5, p6, p7 connect to the MOSI, MISO, and CLK connections.

Can you clarify which CC3000 connections are attached to the p,9, p10, p8? I have the three remaining connections on the Adafruit board labeled as: - CS: chip select line - VBEN: enable line - IRQ: interrupt line

Unfortunately, I'm working from online resources as a student. The intent is tosend very simple commands to the mbed from an Android tablet on a preferably independent WiFi connection.

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Connect to SSID, get ip by dhcp, ping google.com, display statistics CC3000, wifi
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The constructor is connected like this cc3000 wifi(p9, p10, p8, SPI(p5, p6, p7), "ssid", "key", WPA2, false);irq, en, cs p9 = irq p10 = en p8 = cs

You could have got this information from the constructor in cc3000.cpp

posted by David Fletcher 05 Mar 2016

Works great. Even got the Adafruit cc3000 (connected to the mbed) to connect and gain an IP address from an unconnected WiFi router and print out status on both TeraTerm and an externally connected LCD screen.

Thanks for the help.

posted by Alexander Cinq Mars 07 Mar 2016

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